Dreaming of yourself eating a soup is a good dream that announces a loose life, and that if you’ve lost money or health, you’ll recover from it. Dreaming of other people eating soup indicates that the dreamer will have various opportunities of improvement. A young woman that dreams of herself eating soup indicates that she’ll enjoy a happy and loose life in marriage. If during the dream the soup falls down or spills, it means that hopes and dreams will never come to fruition….


Eat soup or prepare it: annoyances, dislikes, family feuds and grief….


To drink soup portends happiness at home….


To have soup portends happiness at home….

Cook, Stew

If we stew food in dreams it announces good health and financial advantages….


If you dream that you take it, it’s a sign for great satisfactions in life….


Buying beans in a dream means loss, illness and sadness. To cook beans means arduous work….


If in the dream we cook food, it announces good health and financial benefits….

Guts, entrails

Dreaming of the entrails of animals is harbinger of joy and pleasure. If we cook the guts of ourselves, it might be an omen of failure in our wishes, for our fault….


Dreaming that we cook with gas or we use it as light, it is a sign that everything will be fine. If the gas is turned off, it is that we will not realize our projects due to lack of preparation. If there is a leak or an explosion occurs is a warning for us to review our plans because we are threatened with disaster….