It symbolizes the struggle against the elements, against fate, against oneself and against others. Children’s games express a desire to escape the worries and mean superficiality and joy and family harmony. Gambling games mean losses and disappointments. The skill and calculation games will be good or bad depending on the outcome of each game. To look at the game without participating in it indicates indifference and indolence. If the player is a parent, means irresponsibility. If they cheat, means immorality and lack of adaptation to social norms….


Dream of a football game means you will feel very satisfied in your work and will gradually realize your objectives, goals. The game of football may refer to your behavior and your ability to achieve your goals, integration, strengths and weaknesses….


Playing on a board, either chess or checkers can be interpreted as the feeling of being immersed in a situation where, as in the game, in addition to our decisions, chance and the actions of others intervened. It indicates uncertainty, insecurity, but nonetheless for the correct interpretation of this dream it will be very interesting to observe the sensations we have while we dream, and the person we face in the game….


Dreaming of betting, wagering, gambling money is a warning which means that you must be cautious when you make deals or business with strangers. It also announces that your opponents seek for an opportunity to harm you. It’s the same if you dream of playing with money in casinos or any board game or table game; it means that you must be careful of not wasting money. Dreaming of betting money in any way, suggests that you proceed without reasoning in your everyday life, which will make you to have problems. Dreaming of losing bets announces that you’ll experience setbacks in the affairs you’re handling, but if your play with money gives you profits, if it looks like you are winning, then this dream indicates that you’ll triumph….


To dream that you’re plotting a scam suggests that you have adopted this habit just for your personal gain. To dream that you’ve been caught while performing a scam is a warning that your competitors will win those negotiations in which you’re participating, and that will cause you losses. To dream that you’ve been caught cheating while playing a card game or any other wagering game, announces a serious failure. If someone else is the one who cheats, then it announces success for the dreamer. Dreaming about an empty animal trap, no matter for what specie it’s for, it announces upcoming failures….

Actor, Actress

If we are actors in a dream, it indicates that we will handle actively to succeed in an ongoing business, whether working or loving. However, if the dream is repeated in more than one night in a short period of time, it means that we cannot solve some of the problems that overwhelm us. When, on the contrary, we see the work of actors and actresses, it presages a simple game of pleasure, frivolous distractions with friends who are not as safe nor as reliable as we would like, and even perhaps, that take advantage of us under the disguise of friendship. We must not forget that real life is like a play, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes is tragic, and that basically this dream tells us that sometimes we pretend to get what we want, and that sometimes pretenders are others….


If it is a whole pumpkin, the dream may be announcing the possibility of unexpected benefits in the form of inheritance or game profits. But if the pumpkin appears dry or empty, it portends a painful moment in life, hard to overcome….


Dreaming that you’re paying for something means that you will take a risk in a certain situation. On the other hand, it can also indicate the game of life….


Dreaming that you play chess or checkers with a colleague indicates an upcoming quarrel with this person, and the result will be the same as the game you dream to be playing….


To dream about any kind of lottery suggests that you want to receive easy money just because you’re having financial problems and lack of money. To dream that others win the lottery suggests envy, but also that you’re likely to have fun at the expense of others. To dream that you have lost in the lottery game suggests that you’re at risk of being ripped off. When a young woman dreams that she is participating in the lottery, in any way, it suggests that she’s self-insecure, what will lead her to obtain negative results. To dream that you’re receiving a dowry or lottery prize indicates that you are or will soon be experiencing economic problems that will be difficult to solve, for which you crave a prompt solution, no matter if it’s solved with a miracle or in any other way….


Dominoes indicate falsehood, hypocrisy and that should apply to the people appearing in the dream. Dreaming of winning the domino game indicates vanity, some authority when it comes to problems and enmities, but not in an honest way, which will cause resentment in some and admiration in others, especially in shameless and immoral minds, all of which will somehow manifest in real life….


If they are beautiful and thick, they symbolize a love game. If they are shaved, it predicts mourning because of some acquaintance….


Indicates innocent pleasures. If we put too much passion in the game and lose it’s a sign of indiscretions. If we win that shows our desire to be flattered….


Playing tennis in a dream represents your need to assert active and upcoming changes. On the other hand, you can’t rely on a situation or a person. Dreaming of playing tennis with another person denotes love. The game of tennis can be a metaphor for a romantic relationship with this person….


Cards for game shows distrust. Geographical cards indicate travel and displacement. Postcards, pleasant news. Visit cards, an indiscretion can hurt you. Identity (card), litigation with the authorities….


Like any game it indicates risk and it can be a warning for us to use all of our willpower to control events….


As a general rule it is interpreted that children’s games express the desire of escaping worries and it will be interesting to analyze the attitudes of the players in the dream. Especially if we are the ones playing, because if we dream that we are cheating during the game, it could be interpreted as a difficulty to adapt into social norms….