To plant, seed

Symbolizes the alternating rhythms of life and dead. The seed is the life is potential and to plant is turn that potential into achievements and manifest facts. To plant is always a good dream, because of creativity that can refer to the children of the dreamer, his goods, business, personal creations, feelings and everything that can be a creation of something that was born and most grow on….


Taunts, jeers and insults….


This dream has a special meaning for those who enjoy or regularly participate in gambling, and it also indicates that it is not a good time to risk while making a choice, and that you should be more patient and wait for periods of better luck….


If you are planting: your work will be productive and eventually it will give you great satisfactions….

Dock (plant)

If it is fresh, it shows advantageous social situation….

Plant nursery

Excellent omen. Profits, wealth and fortune….

Hop (plant)

Sincere and devoted love. Faithfulness. A happy marriage and joy at home….

Juncus plant

Perhaps the dream is showing concern for your figure. But if in the dream the Juncus is related to any specific person, it can indicate amenability in their part, but also inconstancy….


A sunflower in our dreams can be a warning to us of the need of not losing sight of our objectives as this plant follows the course of the sun….


Omen of hope and love. If we see it blooming in its own plant the love will be true. If it’s a bunch of these flowers, that announces a minor affair….


Dreaming of tobacco, whether the plant, leaves, cigars, pipe, or simply the smoke, means good businesses in the immediate future, but bad luck in the love department. Seeing a plantation of tobacco in your dreams announces success in short period of time. Dreaming of yourself smoking tobacco in any way announces the presence of close enemies that are trying to harm you, which is why you shouldn’t make mistakes with your friends or others. Tobacco, in any of its shapes and sizes, means ephemeral pleasure. Dreaming of dry leaves of tobacco (if the dreamer is a farmer) announces that the upcoming harvests will be good. For city people, it could simply mean that the businesses they’re working on will be closed successfully. Dreaming of yourself selling tobacco in any way implies that you’re unhappy with yourself and your surroundings, possibly due to differences between you and others….

De-kernel, thresh

To separate grain from (a plant), typically with a flail, in a dream means gossip about your private life….


Dreaming of seeds of any plant means hard work in the present, prosperity in the immediate future. In general, seeds are the image of our projects themselves, what we have sown. When in dreams, the seeds are in good condition and have a good quality, it’s a usual indicator of success, but not only in your projects, but in life in general. Dreaming of a barn full of seeds is a clear announcement of future prosperity for the dreamer. If not, it indicates that you’re working hard to get the things you want….

Water lilies

It is a plant that is related to the roots and the underworld, which is why it is interpreted as the emergence of hidden passions beneath our apparent calmness. It’s possible that unconsciously we feel hatred, revenge, or jealousy and that at any moment these feelings could manifest….


Dream of being prey of the whims of a person of the opposite sex means your relationship with a loved one can break or be prejudiced if you do not water and care every day as a plant….


Dreaming of a houseleek plant, and especially if that dream is repeated on different nights, denotes that you have a good character, which promises a good future and success in different aspects of life….


Dreaming about grapes is a good sign. Eating grapes in a dream means that soon you will have many responsibilities which you will carry out successfully. Dreaming about grapes hanging from the plant suggests that the expected success will come soon. If you are eating the grapes but you think they can be harmful or poisonous, it means you’re doubtful about any important matter you’re involved, which will prevent or delay success. This fruit is a symbol of joy and lack of inhibition. It is also an omen of fertility and abundance. If grapes are big and juicy, then it indicates success in business and a good moment to start companies which will be useful for you. On the other hand, if grapes are in poor condition, they presage money worries and illness. Raisins mean adversities and emotional problems….

Lianas, vines’ trees

If the liana hangs from above that symbolizes a means of ascension. If we are restricted by a woody climbing plant that hangs from trees, especially in tropical rain forests, that portends that we will soon reach a higher position. If we’re climbing up the lianas, that indicates our desire to move up. If we’re going down the lianas or we fall from them, that foretells a decline in our position, the frustration of our hopes. If the liana is on the floor, on furniture or in our hands it is a warning about the state of our business. The same meanings apply if we’re dreaming about a vine tree….


It’s a plant with a grim meaning as it only announces mourning and tears….


This plant, an herb with aromatic leaves and small purple or white flowers, symbolizes solace….


Seeing a plant germinating is the clearest indication that a project or wish you are waiting on will start becoming true….