If we don’t suffer stomach sickness in reality this dream foretells difficulties and problems….


Dream of stomach ache means you’ll have problems, anxieties and afflictions….

Stomach pain

Suffer a stomach pain means problems, anxieties and afflictions….


Indication of health problems….

Disease, Epidemic, Infection, Mumps, Cyst, Cold, Measles, Ringworm, Tumor, Ulcer, Smallpox

To dream that you are sick indicates concern for your health and reveals emotional problems. If the patient is your father there is the possibility of getting sick in the head. If it’s the mother, the stomach. A son/daughter, the heart. A brother/sister, arms or legs….


To dream that you’re hungry suggests that your issues are at risk of failing, no matter how much you seek success. To dream that other people are hungry suggests an upcoming risk of failure. To dream about hunger, poverty or misery in any way is always a bad dream; it suggests that your activities or health are deteriorating. To dream that your enemies or competitors are suffering hunger or poverty suggests that you’ll triumph over them. If you dream about hunger, try to remember if such feeling came from your stomach, if it didn’t, then it’s announcing bad situations and/or economic and family problems. If lovers dream this way it announces that they’re at risk of divorcing in a short period….


To dream about surgery operated on our heart is a clear warning to give a message about negative love even though it might mean a painful and sudden abandonment for us. If surgery is performed on our stomach it’s a sign that we must look back carefully on events because we have not processed one of them correctly, and that can cause problems….


Many authors believe that dreaming of being operated is a call to our subconscious, about a part in our life, or activity that could harm us. If in the dream we are having heart surgery, then this could mean emotional problems and if it’s the stomach, it indicates moral situations that can’t be accepted or analyzed….