Dreaming of mustaches indicates that your life, in general, is cheerful and carefree. If the mustaches are white, it means that you in your old age will be completely happy. If the color is black, it means that you’ll live afflictions and torments. If you shave the mustache, it suggests you should be extremely prudent in all your actions and words. If you dream about a woman with a mustache, it is a sign of distrust and jealousy. If a woman dreams she has a mustache that indicates she expresses her energy in words. Dreaming you have a mustache when you don’t have it, means hiding some aspect of your personality. You are wearing a costume or you are showing only one aspect of your personality. Dream that you shave your mustache symbolizes that you’re showing your true personality. You don’t longer have to hide under a disguise or some protection. On the other hand, you will try to get in a position of honor and abandon bad companions….


Ape reflects our instinctive personality and it is a call to develop our personality to a superior level….


Means we are hiding our personality and it’ll depend on the type of coat, the interpretation to be given to dream. We also need to consider if in the dream we are protected by the coat of the cold, rain, etc., and also if the coat gives us a sense of weight or comfort. In any case, this dream will be telling us about some aspect of our personality that has to do with how we show to others….


Dreaming about friends means you have rejected some aspects of your own personality in the past, but now you’re willing to recognize these characteristics and even to talk about them freely. Dreaming of friends may also mean that soon you will receive good news. Dream of a childhood friendship means you yearn for the past, when you had less responsibilities and worries. You may have the feeling of wanting to escape the tensions and stress of being an adult. You must analyze the relationship you had with that friend of your dreams and wonder if you learned something relevant from that friendship. Another possible interpretation of this dream with a childhood friend is that you’re behaving childishly in real life and must mature. Dream about the death of your best friend means some aspect, defect or characteristic of that person, is disappearing from your personality….


A chimpanzee reflects our instinctive personality and is a call for us to develop our personality to a higher level….


The monkey reflects our instinctive personality and it’s a call for us to develop our personality to a higher degree….


To dream that you’re wearing rubber or plasticized fabrics suggests that you’ll receive attention and recognition for your constancy and good behavior at work, but if the fabric appears torn or wrinkled it’s a warning that you must not change your personality and character. To dream that you handle rubber objects suggests that you have a versatile personality and a ductile character, and that’s the reason why the people who regularly surround you mostly criticize you….


Seeing yourself being dirty, foretells about moral or economic problems. Swollen or too large body indicates increase of goods or power. Thin or too small, loss of health or money. Dreaming of being in two places at the same time indicates that we will be paired with two people of the opposite sex at a time. With the body split in two pieces, means separation of our property….


Symbolizes fertility. It reveals sensuality and pleasure. Dreaming of a pomegranate, more so if it’s split open, means someone will appear in our lives who will fulfill our lustful desires….


It indicates that because of our personality, we are creating unfriendly feelings with another person….


It symbolizes the maternity and depth. The peace and familiarity. Dreaming of a rich, green and sunny land is a good omen, because it signifies wealth, peace and mental or physical balance. If plowing the land, then we prepare wealth of future. When you are harvesting land, then it shows your wealth will be immediate. Not being able to work the land reveals that we have used all of our reserves and also physical or spiritual capacities. To dream of seeing ourselves lying face down on the ground symbolizes the possessiveness. If you dream of seeing yourself being lost in some kind of the land, then such dream symbolizes how lost you are. You do not recognize your own personality, therefore you feel lost. If you eat the soil, then such dream indicates your desire to take the life to the fullest….


Dreaming of handkerchiefs, especially when dealing with younger people, could mean that the person who is moving the handkerchief is trying to flirt. Losing a handkerchief suggests that there will be setbacks, particularly in matters concerning love. Dreaming of one or more torn and dirty handkerchiefs indicates that conflicts in love will be difficult to overcome. Dreaming of one or more dirty and stained handkerchiefs, could signify that the dreamer is running the risk of entering into a partnership or disadvantageous relationships. If a young and single woman dreams of clean, white handkerchiefs, it could mean that someone, who is false, is trying to approach her for illegal profits, even in sentimental aspects. Dreaming of several handkerchiefs of different colors, means that the dreamer’s image could lose prestige if his or her behavior is not moral or appropriate, and the dreamer should also be careful of not being naïve or very sentimental. Dreaming of silk handkerchiefs suggests that the dreamer has a very pleasant, magnetic, and charismatic personality, and this is projected to people who surround the dreamer. If a young woman dreams of saying goodbye and she waves the handkerchief, it could mean that she’ll soon be able to make that trip which she desires, but taking the necessary and proper steps to avoid errors that could lead to frustrations….


To steal of being a victim of rob it mean, inadvertently potential losses. Your personality will win public sympathy in certain meetings….


Indicates we give up our own personality….


Dreaming of oneself being versatile, that is easily shifting between activities or opinions or social relationships or even ideology, may mean a voluble, unstable, inconsistent and temperamental person. Overall, it’s about an unreliable personality that will cause several problems….


Symbolize the inferior and regressive side of our personality. It reveals fear to go forward, the inner thought that perhaps it would be better not to risk. It is a good warning….


Whenever the park has vegetation it is a symbol of the orderly nature, subdued and tamed by man. It always produces the sensation of something hidden, intimate and personal where you can breathe peace and tranquility. If it’s whole, then harmonious is inside of us. If it doesn’t have the order and beauty it should mean that the unconscious dominates the conscious. If it’s dry and uncultured so will be our personality….


Chestnut symbolizes protection and forecast. If we eat raw chestnuts, it signifies that we have a strong and proactive personality. If we eat them cooked, it announces a meal among friends….


Gym in a dream can be an indication that we need to develop with effort and discipline, a part of ourselves. Not necessarily it has to be referred to the physical aspect, but some part of our personality, emotions, mind, or spiritual realm….

Knight helmet

The character that appears with the helmet tries to hide your intentions or personality to others or yourselves. If the helmet is of anatomical lines and undecorated, then it reveals that practical thoughts are hidden and related with direct action. A beautifully decorated knight helmet can be interpreted that you hidden thoughts and desires are out of reality. You need to be more to the ground….


Dreaming about a cherub means the good intentions and actions of the dreamer’s personality. Dreaming of cherubs, is a very good sign, it represents love, spiritual and personal growth, wisdom and altruism. It means that the dreamer is living special moments full of love, selfless acts, which can only bring positive changes….


Dreaming that you’re being punished means guilt or shame for your actions. You must learn to say sorry. Dreaming that you punish a person means hidden resentment towards that person. On the other hand, it may represent aspects of your own personality that you fear….


To dream of your husband represents how your relationship with him is and the opinion of your subconscious towards him. It is important to analyze your husband’s role in the dream, and how do you feel about him. If you dream of having a husband, when you lack of one in your real life, it symbolizes a new relationship or commitment. It may also represent your father’s attributes that you manifest in your dream through a husband image, which are part of the male side of your personality….


To dream that you’re famous suggests that you have overconfidence in difficult relationships, which can lead you to failure and frustration. To dream about famous people suggests that in the immediate future you’ll improve your personality and image, perhaps with the help of others….


It symbolizes the sudden mutation of life that can change for better or worse. You may reveal a true state of being and consciousness whose effects can be really destructive. It can also be the start of a clearly positive and regenerative transformation of your personality….


It is a symbol of the orderly nature, subdued and tamed by man. Always produce the sensation of something hidden, intimate and personal where there is peace and tranquility. If as a whole it is harmonious then it is so too inside us. If it doesn’t possess the order and beauty it should that means the unconscious dominates the conscious. If it’s dry and uncultured so will be our personality. There is another symbolism of garden that is the equivalence of the garden with the woman….


May indicate us troubles to expressing our true personality when trying to communicate through the spoken word….


The character that appears with a hat tries to hide his intentions or personality from others or us….

Old age

When it’s really old it represents wisdom. It is a beneficial and protective dream. Whether male or female puts us in our rightful place. These dreams are always transcendental and impressive. It is a good dream. If the old man is evil, then this shows the inner evil of our personality….


To dream about the arrival of an inspector who comes to check our work or our accounts reflects fear that a secret or a weakness of our personality is discovered….