Dreaming of knives is a bad dream that always predicts various dangers such as lawsuits, losses, accidents, etc., and always with little chance of success for the dreamer. And it is worse when the knives are sharp and pointed. Dreaming of old and defective or rusty knives announces hardships, difficulties, and minor annoyances which are not likely to be overcome, for example in sentimental relationships, socially or in the dreamer’s employment. Dreaming of being wounded with a knife is a warning of serious household or family difficulties. In the case of a single person, it hints sentimental break-ups or worse. Dreaming of injuring someone with a knife reveals that the dreamer has an impulsive, difficult and aggressive temperament that will create serious problems….


Dreaming of a grindstone is an old symbol of constant concern. Dreaming of working with a grindstone indicates that the dreamer must have persistence in order to achieve whatever he or she desires. Dreaming of sharpening tools on a grindstone hints that the dreamer will need honesty, energy, and intelligence to achieve the desired success….


Dream of a pencil suggests that nobody is perfect. You need to accept yourself with all your imperfections and look within yourself. Dream of a pencil also indicates you’re making a temporary impact. It may also suggest that a relationship with someone may not last long. Dream of sharpening a pencil suggests that you need to be more flexible in your thinking, listen to what other people say and don’t reject their points of view so fast….


Dreaming of one or more knives or any other white and light weapon announces the presence of hidden but dangerous enemies. If the weapon appears in the hands of someone who is acting in a threatening manner, it means that the dreamer’s enemies are willing to do the worst. If the dreamer snatches the knife from the other person it could mean that he or she will triumph over enemies and adversities in the immediate future….