Dreaming of a shark indicates your strong feeling of being threatened by it but this dream also indicates that you will overcome difficulties….


Your situation will be agitated by overlapping and dangerous attacks….


Dreaming of sharks is a sign that there are greedy and combative opponents who will possibly cause us financial turmoil. It’s a warning that our situations will be agitated by their dangerous, overlapping attacks. Sharks are always an omen of uncertainty and anxiety….


Seeing in dreams a hedgerow with living plants or shrubs, usually mean that we will have to face some small obstacles, and that if we put a bit of effort in it, we can successfully overcome them. If you dream that the hedgerow is around a house, then it usually means that you’re being protected in everything you do; remember that houses in dreams usually symbolize the same dreamer and the hedge, in this case, it represents protection….


A warning that we are or we will be in difficult circumstances that will require having every bit of caution….


It can be a warning against possible car accidents in the future. Perhaps your mind is telling you to be careful. It might be a good time to slow down a bit, and face your fears and doubts. Do you have control over your life? Do you feel guilty about something? It also indicates that your opinions, lifestyle or ambitions collide with those of another person. When one of your acquaintances dies in a car accident, it means that you need to check or retrieve your relationship with that acquaintance in real life. If you dream of a plane crash, it may mean that the objectives you set for yourself are too high. Or it may be, that you yourself, do not really believe that you are capable of achieving them….


Dreaming of wheels or pulleys (of any kind) spinning really fast, means that you’re very active, maybe a bit of a nervous person, and a hard worker, which portends that you’ll have success in your activities. However, if you dream of wheels or pulleys that are not moving, are broken or old, then it means the opposite….


Dream of suitcases or luggage represents desires, needs and concerns you are feeling and that weigh in real life, you should try to reduce the excess in problems and desires and relax a little bit….


If you see one within dreams, you must take care of the education of your children or siblings, as this means that they can end up with traumas or psychological problems that will leave them a bit more than shaken up, and this can prejudice their future….


The tongue is like a flame, since it has the same shape and mobility. To dream we have a long, thick tongue indicates that we talk too much and without control. Our tongue being pulled means outrages and indiscretions. Bit our own tongue advises more prudence in speech. Struggling to speak unsuccessfully means timidity. To see yourself with your tongue cut out, mean impotence, sometimes even sexual. Seeing animal tongues means gossip and backbiting….

Dew drops

Dreaming of getting a bit wet because of a fresh dew suggests that you’re entering a stage of fever or other disease. Dreaming of drops of dew on plants and grass at the beginning of the day suggests that you’ll receive some rewards in the near future, perhaps distinctions and fortune (at least if that’s what you want). This especially applies to young women who want to have an advantageous marriage….


Dreaming that you hear the melancholic notes of a harp, indicates some things, that you have been enjoying (business, entertainment, pleasure, trips or just good luck), are coming to an end. Dreaming of a broken harp indicates the end of joy, for example, between lovers, perhaps a painful and difficult illness, either of your own or of family member; it may also mean making some mistakes in your political or social relationships. Dreaming of playing a harp indicates that the dreamer is overrated, so he should be a bit more humble, since that can lead to serious failures and frustrations….


Dreaming of being blind means that you will suffer great disappointments and reversals of fortune. Seeing one within dreams means that you have to be a bit less of a dreamer and put your feet on the ground doing a retrospective analysis and examine what your limitations are….


If you dream of being elegant, it means you’re egocentric. Think a bit more about others and be more generous….