Pact, Peace, Reconciliation

Dreaming about peace can be a sign for the beginning of deep disappointments or mistakes with consequences that will favor your opponents….


If we are whitening something, it shows reconciliation. It can also mean that we appear to be good and innocent….


Olives symbolize peace, fertility, purification, strength, victory and reward. Both the tree and the bunch of flowers always refer to peace and reconciliation. Olives and olive oil refer to benefits in every aspect of life….


In dreams, both the tree and an olive branch, refer to circumstances of peace and reconciliation….


Doing it indicates that you will be active in the reconciliation of a dispute. Having difficulties to dry it, means gossip will threaten family stability….


Listen to its music, purposes will be fulfilled either in short or long term, requited love, joy and pleasure. Touching a violin means, bringing distant people together, return of someone absent, reconciliation. Broken or abandoned violin means, hardship, misery and disease….


Dreaming of being a prisoner indicates that the dreamer is living in an unpleasant environment because enemies are constantly attacking and trying to harm the dreamer. Dreaming that others are being confined in a fortress or prison suggests that the dreamer has the ability and energy to dominate the competition and achieve success in his or her business or employment. Dreaming with weapons in hand defending a fortress suggests that some enemies try to damage the dreamer, but fail in their attempt. Dreaming of successfully attacking a fortress indicates that the dreamer will overcome enemies and obstacles that may come in the way. This dream, in a sentimental aspect, indicates probable marriage, and in married people it indicates reconciliation. A young woman who dreams that her boyfriend is in jail insinuates that he is not a trustworthy person and has already begun to disappoint her. When a man or when a woman dream that they are locked in a prison it indicates that they feel surrounded by extreme limitations, and in some cases it suggests various dangers around them that can be consequences of wrong behavior or plotting from their enemies. Dreaming of leaving prison hints coming success in activities, in spite of the dreamer’s enemies. Dreaming of other people being in prison indicates that there are loved ones who suffer due to their inability to avoid it. Dreaming about a prison of any form usually implies that the dreamer is surrounded by limitations and problems, especially moral situations that makes the dreamer constantly crave a release and at the same time shift away from himself or herself. Limitations and problems may be real or just mental, that is something that the dreamer must analyze and decide on. Dreaming of being in prison indicates that the dreamer might have problems with associating with dishonest people. Dreaming of escaping prison indicates the desire to break away from certain matters and that the dreamer will finally achieve it. Dreaming of a prison guard insinuates that something bad is being plotted against the dreamer, with the intervention of women. Dreaming of a riot caused by inmates who try to break the bars down in order to escape is a symbol of evil against the dreamer. Perhaps it’s the case of maneuvers to try to satisfy it….


Confessing: vanity and pride. Officiating a Mass: joy and fidelity. Giving the Holly Oils with a cross, it means honor and reconciliation….


Dreaming that you’re drying something, and depending on the thing you’re trying to dry in your dream, is a sign that your relationships with others will change considerably. Generally speaking, the dream portends a reconciliation with someone in your family (spouses or friends). Is possible that you get unexpected help with some of the delicate affairs you manage; thanks to this you’ll have great stability and the conditions of your affairs will improve….


Fountain of crystalline waters means reconciliation with your loved one. Turbid water in the fountains mean rivalries and hatred. Seeing a fountain sprout at home means new ideas and projects….


Turn it on means discord and disharmony at home. Shutting off the firewood is signal of solution of old problems and reconciliation….


Dream about return of an absent person is a sign of recovering lost things and positions. Return dream also indicates reconciliation….


They are considered symbol of an agreement, tendency to reconciliation and notice that it is a good time to put some affairs in order….


Dreaming of grass and green leaves of other plants on the ground indicates reconciliation, inner peace, and the ability to solve problems. Dreaming of wilted or withered leaves or dry grass suggests that the opportunity of succeeding has been lost. In some cases, this dream might signify illnesses in a family member….


Family reconciliation. Return of loss friendships….

Lily of the valley

Announces new perspectives of happiness. Affective regeneration, reconciliation….


Tendency to reconciliation and a warning that it’s a good time to put some affairs in order….


Seeing a skillet or several pans within dreams is usually a sign of reconciliation with a person you love, depending on how it appears in the dream. If the dreamer is married, is a call for you to try to correct your behavior and to be cautious so you avoid serious difficulties that could cause problems with your spouse. If the dreamer is engaged and he usually cooks, it generally is a good sign that means he will be successful in his profession depending on the state of the pan in the dream….


Dream of lighting up firewood indicates discord and disharmony in the house. Extinguish a burning firewood is sign of solving old problems and reconciliation….


Seeing or eating olives symbolizes joy and faithful friends. It also refers to immortality. Watching a green olive branch means reconciliation, peace and hope. You can also find a solution to your conflicts and can remove any problems you carry on your shoulders….