This dream usually signals the arrival of bad news by an influential person that acts on behalf of a government agency. No need to stop expecting setbacks in the near future….


Bad news reported by an influential person acting on behalf of a government agency….


If the valley appears bright and cheerful, great benefits are on their way, as well as unstoppable success in business, and love and happiness in the private life. If, on the other hand, the valley appears bleak, it indicates that you must be patient, because a bad period will happen which will be succeeded by an age where problems will be solved and where peace and happiness will be enjoyed….


Dreaming of tobacco, whether the plant, leaves, cigars, pipe, or simply the smoke, means good businesses in the immediate future, but bad luck in the love department. Seeing a plantation of tobacco in your dreams announces success in short period of time. Dreaming of yourself smoking tobacco in any way announces the presence of close enemies that are trying to harm you, which is why you shouldn’t make mistakes with your friends or others. Tobacco, in any of its shapes and sizes, means ephemeral pleasure. Dreaming of dry leaves of tobacco (if the dreamer is a farmer) announces that the upcoming harvests will be good. For city people, it could simply mean that the businesses they’re working on will be closed successfully. Dreaming of yourself selling tobacco in any way implies that you’re unhappy with yourself and your surroundings, possibly due to differences between you and others….


It displays the possibility to recover energy or good humor, after a difficult period. It is also considered as harbinger of family gatherings….


It announces a period with distinction….


Dreams where this color is predominant and that generally don’t offer another special or characteristic indication, usually indicates the beginning of a period of concerns where our hopes and wishes will fulfilled, no matter how hard we try….


A worry period contrary to your hopes….

Parking, garage

Using it indicates that you are going through a situation of interval between two ways of life. Getting out of it announces better prospects. Getting in it and getting lost are signals of a period of reflection….


Period of sadness and loneliness….


Symbolizes spiritual protection and notifies you of a period of good luck especially in your love life….

To rest

Unless the dream indicates that the rest is caused by a disease, then it shows a happy and relaxed period, which is free of concerns and setbacks….


Hearing a whistle in a dream represents a warning or something that will focus your attention immediately. Alternatively, you can also mark an end of a period of time, or phase in your life….


A period of hardships and rigors is ahead….


To dream that you’re hungry suggests that your issues are at risk of failing, no matter how much you seek success. To dream that other people are hungry suggests an upcoming risk of failure. To dream about hunger, poverty or misery in any way is always a bad dream; it suggests that your activities or health are deteriorating. To dream that your enemies or competitors are suffering hunger or poverty suggests that you’ll triumph over them. If you dream about hunger, try to remember if such feeling came from your stomach, if it didn’t, then it’s announcing bad situations and/or economic and family problems. If lovers dream this way it announces that they’re at risk of divorcing in a short period….


You will have a period of exaggerated pressures. Restlessness. Material damage. Remember, after the storm comes the calm….


Many times it reflects real hunger. If not: It reveals that in the past we have suffered money problems and reflects the fear of it happening again. If in the dream we satisfy our hunger that indicates our fear has no basis and a bountiful period is approaching. If this dream is repeated often and we never satisfy our hunger that can reveal another hunger of sexual nature….


Dreams that take place during this season are considered good omens of abundance and achievements of objectives. It is as if in the dream the subconscious is already enjoying of the positive period that’s coming even for issues that now seem more difficult….


Hope to regain happiness in a short period of time….


Seeing a revolver in a dream symbolizes hardship and danger. Seeing your lover with a revolver means a difficult relationship, misunderstanding or separating period….


Dreaming of sulfur is a sign of purity. This can mean that you have gotten out of a particularly bad period and that things are going to improve from now on….

Beggar, beg

If we give alms to someone it’s an omen of disappointments and heartbreaks. If we see a beggar without giving him anything it’s a warning against the possibility that we will suffer economic losses. If we are the beggars it announces that we are entering a period of difficulties, problems and a lot of work, from which we will probably only earn enough just to get by….


Seeing a pantomime in a dream represents a more carefree and spontaneous period of your life. On the other hand, the dream may draw your attention towards you in feeling too open-minded….


If we are the beggar it announces that we are entering a difficult period, with problems and a lot of work and that we probably won’t get many benefits out of it….


Your worries will cease to give way to a period of calm and serenity….


Dreaming that you commit adultery indicates that you’ll go through a difficult period and face many problems. If you are an adulterer in real life, reconsider the things you’re doing and put an end to this relationship, because you’re being cheating on or your partner knows what you are doing….


Period in which you’ll be loaded with work and you’ll feel emotionally exhausted….


In dreams the air appears as a breeze or wind, then it means you’re becoming visible and with some coloration. So if the air is dirty, almost reddish, as announcing a storm, that means possible disagreement. And if it’s a strong wind it may try to tell us that the time to make decisions on matters that we have neglected has come. However, when the breeze is smooth and gentle it is interpreted as omen of a prosperous period of time, a happy journey or the recovery of something lost. Some experts take into account the temperature in the dream, and if you are feeling a cold wind, that’s interpreted as a possible loss of affection or friends….


Dream of a fruit means upcoming period of growth, wealth and financial income. Dreams about fruit usually represent desire and well-being….


Seeing a dumpster in dreams is usually an announcement of the arrival of a period with many serious disorders that will be particularly unfavorable….