To see bear in a dream is an indication that you are a bearish person, unsociable in some occasions and a person who likes the solitude. Being attacked by a bear is a signal that you will have severe problems….


Dreaming of a bear indicates the victory over your enemies. The bear represents contests and all kinds of competitions….


Seeing a panda in a dream suggests that you will have difficulties to compromise. You need to find a remedy to satisfy everyone. Alternatively, it is a symbol of your own childish qualities….


Bear symbolizes the instinctive, uncontrolled and cruel impulses of our passions. It also symbolizes our bold, powerful and cruel enemies. If bears will reach us they will irretrievably destroy us, but we almost always manage to escape, thanks to their clumsiness. If we dream of a female and maternal bear it becomes a personification of our childish fixation on the maternal image and reveals the desire to be petted, contemplated and pampered….


We will have to bear backbiting, lies, and bad intentions….


Perspective of events that will be very sorrowful to bear….


When we deal with a volcanic eruption: the volcano symbolizes a sudden mutation of real life and the long-repressed passions that can get to explode with all virulence. If we manage to tame these passions they become a source of spiritual life. If it’s a skin rash, then the dream announces fears, concerns and problems painful to bear….


The dream of speaking with difficulty, or that you try to say something and cannot, means difficulties and problems hard to bear. Talking with someone with a sweet and pleasant voice means help and support from this person….


Dreaming about going through something shameful usually means that you’ll have to bear the consequences of distressing and painful events of which you’re not responsible….


Exhaustion, demands are too heavy to bear….


You are trying to seek a supernatural protection, but like any other form of prayer, this perhaps reflects your desire for others to bear your problems….