Seeing a palace in a dream symbolizes prominence and wealth. You’re ready to use your maximum capacity. Dreaming that you own a palace means that you will achieve success….


Living in a palace means vain fantasies and impossibility for getting some goals….

Palace, Mansion

If it’s a beautiful building and cared for, then such dream about palace or mansion indicates that your aspirations will materialize unexpectedly….


Dreaming of a palace of any time period suggests that the dreamer’s affairs are going well and that soon results will be seen, particularly economically, which will improve the dreamer’s social position. Dreaming of being at a party in a castle suggests acceptance in society as a result of having triumphed on important issues. When a young poor woman has this dream, it suggests that she’ll achieve the change that she yearns by marrying a successful man. Generally, this dream only reveals the hopes of the dreamer without any guarantee of them actually becoming a reality….