Threading, Thread, Ball of thread

The thread symbolizes everything that links together all states of existence. Everything done in dreams with the threads equals what to do with any problems or complicated matters. The threads of noble metal announce successes thanks to subtlety and diplomacy….


To use a needle in a dream indicates that you need to repair certain relationship or situation that has escaped from your hands or has reached its edge. A needle is also a symbol of some emotional or physical pain. Looking for a needle in a dream symbolizes you care about trivial situations….


Dreaming of being entangled in threads means your rivals win more than you. Dreaming of a thread symbolizes a difficult path or a journey. It may also represent a connection to your thoughts and ideas. Also, you should consider the thread color….

Pin or needle

Dreaming of pins and needles is premonition of concerns and fights….

Pin or needle

Dreaming of pins and needles means you will suffer concerns and disputes….


New conflicts, sorrows and hard work. Bewilderment….

Wind (a thread)

You will discover that your friends are not too good. Your triumph over them is certain….


If they are knitting or crocheting, it indicates that we will hear what people say about us behind our backs. If sewing needles have some thread, it is a good meaning. It is a bad meaning if it is without thread, broken or we punctured ourselves with them. If they are small pins, it portends disappointments caused by friends….


Dreaming of needles almost always means concerns. If you pinch yourself with a needle in your dream, it is a sign that someone is devious and will raise concerns, spread gossips and create troubles….


Dreaming of a compass indicates that you are not very sure of yourself and you seek for advice to guide you. It also means that your life is too influenced by customs, traditions or discipline and you want to break free from it. Dreaming of a boat compass announces that you will soon improve your life in many ways. Dreaming that a compass doesn’t move because it’s damaged, or the needle is broken or bent, it is the announcement of upcoming difficulties, losses or problems that perhaps even are sentimental….


Always announces messes and muddles, unless the thread is silk, in which case our good qualities will enable us to solve all problems and achieve wealth sooner or later….