To open a box in a dream represents an important information you will receive. Find a full box indicates conformity and modesty. See an empty box means money worries….


An empty box means that someone will mess with your private life; a closed box means that you are very distrustful and don’t allow people to get to fully know you; a full box represents frankness and openness….


Dream of a match suggests you should think about new ideas or actions….

Telephone box

Phone box means that you risk your intentions being used against you….


If it is full portends wealth and happiness. Empty, poverty. Depending on the material, its content will announce whether it is good or bad if it is full or empty. If it is made of wood, then it is announcing an upcoming trip. A colorful box, surprise. If it is made of precious metals and precious stones, indicates wealth. With a mirror, it warns us coquetry….

Pandora’s Box

Dreaming of a Pandora’s Box indicates hope and that soon you’ll experience a positive change. It also symbolizes curiosity, unconscious thoughts and needs to express them….


To turn matches on – new incentives in your life, unusual joys….

Box seat

What we have to mainly analyze is what happens in the scene. If we are spectators that reveals shyness and distrust….

Box up

If it’s your own possessions it’s a sign of obstacles. If it’s other person’s possessions there’s a risk of ill will and deceit. To see someone else boxing something up indicates you might become the victim of a theft….

Sentry box

Any imprudence will be awful for your reputation….

Cash Register

Dreaming about a closed cash register and no one around to operate it indicates that nothing can be foreseen in the immediate future which means that everything is on hold around the dreamer. Dreaming about a functioning cash register full of money indicates that soon there will be good business and profits. On the other hand, if the cash register appears without money, then the opposite will occur. If during the dream there’s a person operating the cash register, it indicates that soon the dreamer will receive help. Dreaming about opening regular boxes indicates that the dreamer has a lot of interest in his work. If valuable objects appear in these boxes it indicates success in the immediate future. But if the box is empty, it indicates failures and difficulties. If the box appears with feces or manure or litter, it means that certain businesses might not be very honest. If the box appears with coins, it signifies close hardship. When many boxes full of valuable things appear in a dream, it signifies that there might be envious feelings close to the dreamer….

Flag Bearer

Dreaming of a flagman or being a flagman means that we are on track to a professional promotion that will be good or bad according to the consequences that occur in the dream. Being a flagman in a match in which a brilliant victory is achieved without great losses, means that we already have the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully perform the promotion or the responsibility. If the victory is bloody, it means that we are not prepared for such promotion. And that we may be tempted to use unethical methods to achieve it. But if in our dream our side is losing, we must consider whether to reject the proposition or a job that is above our real possibilities and can eventually be disastrous under all concepts….


In the case that awake we are not committing adultery, dreaming about it shows some kind of dissatisfaction with our partner. We also need to take into account the characteristics of the person we dreamed of to see if those characteristics match with conflictive aspects in our relationship….


Dreaming of being a successful professional or dreaming of being in a profession that does not match with what we actually do in real life, indicates that there is something in the symbolism of that profession that is important to us. All professions are related with an area of our consciousness and we should take this into consideration when interpreting the dream. For example, professions such as fisherman are referring to pulling out products from the sea, and trying to interpret this can translate schematically with the extraction of contents of the unconscious….


Seeing Pandora’s box indicates hope. You will soon experience a change for the better. Alternatively, it symbolizes your curiosity, your unconscious thoughts and the need to express them….