Symbolizes the character and value. Seeing someone with a different forehead from the one they have in reality reflects their true character. If we dream of a high forehead it’s a serious, intelligent person we can trust. If it is elusive it is a wicked person who will try to steal from us. If is covered with stains the person will try to betray us shamefully….


To dream that you’re wearing rubber or plasticized fabrics suggests that you’ll receive attention and recognition for your constancy and good behavior at work, but if the fabric appears torn or wrinkled it’s a warning that you must not change your personality and character. To dream that you handle rubber objects suggests that you have a versatile personality and a ductile character, and that’s the reason why the people who regularly surround you mostly criticize you….


To dream about an act of justice that’s being performed anywhere (whether you make it or are its recipient) suggests that you aspire to balance your behavior in order to live in harmony with those who surround you. A person that dreams that he/she is applying justice is usually a person of strong character and firm decisions, especially when it’s easy for him/her to distinguish between good and evil. Dreaming that you’re applying justice, but with a deliberate purpose, it indicates that you aspire to receive plentiful rewards. This suggests selfishness, imbalanced character, and disharmony….


If a woman dreams that she’s being shaven, it means that due to her natural behavior and character, she is being too masculine, it annoys men who she interacts with. When a woman dreams of a man shaving, it could signify that due to her sexy nature she’ll easily fall into illicit pleasures. When a man dreams that someone else is shaving him, it’s a warning that dishonest people will try to defraud him in some way, morally or in a materialistic way. Dreaming of shaving indicates your own firm decision of handling your own affairs at work and at home, even though a woman with a bad character will create difficulties. When a man dreams of having soft skin and without having a need to shave, it means that soon he’ll have happy moments and that his behavior has been great towards family and friends. When a man dreams of having the skin of his face rough and wrinkled, it means that there will be upcoming setbacks and misunderstandings in marriage. When a man dreams of shaving with a non-sharp blade that is hurting him, it implies that due to his bad behavior towards others and in his private life, he’ll receive criticism from his friends. When a man dreams of having a grey beard, it means that there’s self-criticism for his lack of justice in judging others….


It symbolizes protection or the power of our own strength that will facilitate success. If we see it being a large size and with a lot of foliage, then it indicates that the benefits and quality of protection will be great and plentiful. If it’s puny, without foliage or dead it indicates the loss of a protector or weakness of our character….


Dreaming about being punished hints that there has not been enough caution or discretion in what has been said or done by the dreamer, which is producing self-reproach caused by the consequences of the dreamer’s actions. Dreaming of punishing someone indicates that the dreamer is bothered by his or her own character or behavior….


Dreaming of yourself suffering during an earthquake usually means that the matters you’re handling are seriously at risk of losses due to somewhat uncontrollable causes that go beyond the dreamer. Earthquakes reflect imbalance in life itself. They predict insecurity and fear, and they indicate that we have to transform our character to reach quotes of stability, as the basis on which we founded our illusions are not solid, and any contingency, however small it may be, will only cause our whole life to wobble. If the dream is linked to unpleasant feelings, then this indicates that you’re going through a period of dejection and sadness. This dream also shows a sudden change in our situation caused by events that we didn’t expect, this change is generally towards less favorable circumstances, in which we’ll suffer financial and emotional loss. The earthquake also announces misfortune, illness and death….


If we reach it, then it indicates that in real life we will achieve our goals. If you just arrived to the peak and didn’t reach it, then it means we won´t achieve success due weaknesses of character….


Dream of a lamp symbolizes direction, hope, inspiration, enlightenment and reinsurance. Dream of a broken lamp suggests that you’re closing yourself from those who are trying to help you; it is also a symbol of misfortune and upcoming bad luck. Dream of an exploding lamp suggests that some of your friends will become enemies. Dream of a lit lamp means some emotional issues are overwhelming you. You have lost your ability to find your own way. Dream of a dull lamp indicates weakness of character, illness or bereavement….


Dream of a turned on lamp portends material losses caused by carelessness. Dream of a turned off lamp means weakness of character, illness or mourning….


The hand symbolizes our means of action. The right hand corresponds to the rational, conscious, logical and virile side. The left hand means irrational, illogical, unconscious and passive part of character. Big, strong and well-structured hands indicate success and progress. Small, weak and ugly hands indicate recklessness, insecurity, dissatisfaction and failure. White and clean hands mean easy success. Blackened and hard hands mean drudgery and difficult success. (Unless we are black) Hairy hands indicate sordid imagination. Hands laced together show emotional stress. To look at your own hands foretells perplexity….


Symbolizes power and strength. If we see a large size of oak and with a lot of foliage, it indicates that the benefits and quality of the protection will be great and abundant. If we dream it being weak, without foliage or even dead, then it indicates the loss of protection we had or weaknesses of our character….


Dreaming of facing a huge and hideous spider indicates the end of a bad streak and the beginning of better times. However, if the spider manages to bite you, the bad streak will continue. Dreaming of running away from a big spider suggests that there will be losses and discomfort as a result of lack of energy and character to address your problems. Dreaming of killing a spider indicates that you have chances of being successful, but if the spider revives and attacks, (but it doesn’t sting you) it announces the presence of dangerous enemies. Dreaming of one or more spiders indicates that if you are careful enough while doing your things, you will achieve significant benefits. Dreaming of spiders weaving its spider web indicates that you are in safe and happy environment. Dreaming of killing one or more spiders indicates that some business you have, a family member, or a relative will slowly vanish from your life. Dreaming of being bitten by a spider announces the risk of being a victim of gossips and having material losses. Dreaming of seeing spiders hanging from the ceiling and being around you is a symbol of having the favorable conditions to execute anything you’re thinking of. Although, there are opponents waiting for an opportunity to harm you. Dreaming of a spider web involves the probability of starting a relationship or a business in which you must be very cautious. Dreaming of a big spider and a small that are walking towards you is an announcement of notable successes, but if one of the two bites you, it will be quite the opposite. Dreaming of a poisonous spider, announces that some adversaries or hypocritical friends seek to harm you, but if he kills you, you’ll triumph over your enemies….

Top, elevation, and peak

If we reach it, it indicates that we will achieve our goals in real life. If we just arrived there, we fall or we don’t reach it, we will not get to achieve success because of weakness of character….


Symbolically it has a sacred character because it’s considered a precursor of a new day, so in dreams it’s considered one of the best omens of luck and fertility….


Some authors consider that dwarves, with the appearance of children’s stories, represent hidden feelings and it will be very important to be attentive to their messages, as they can be very revealing. It may also appear in the dream, nasty-looking dwarves and in this case they can represent our little character flaws that prevent us from achieving our objectives and we necessarily need to oppose with discipline and strong will….

Hairs, Hair

Hair is a sign of virility as long as it is in some parts of the body such as the chest, arms and legs and in due proportion. An excess of hair in women manifests an instinctive and sensual life. To be beardless is an indication that we are showing excessive weakness of character….


Dreaming that you are a princess indicates that you recognize your maximum potential, your growth, and development of your character. When a man dreams about a princess, she represents a woman who is very important in his life. On the other hand, it also signifies his desire to find his ideal woman….

Knight helmet

The character that appears with the helmet tries to hide your intentions or personality to others or yourselves. If the helmet is of anatomical lines and undecorated, then it reveals that practical thoughts are hidden and related with direct action. A beautifully decorated knight helmet can be interpreted that you hidden thoughts and desires are out of reality. You need to be more to the ground….


To dream about toads indicates your intent of hiding your true identity and character. You should have more confidence in yourself and let your inner beauty to be shown. If you kill a toad in a dream, it means you will receive some criticism for an initiative that has just begun….


This dream usually indicates weakness, lack of character. Means that the dreamer should not be discouraged by setbacks of fortune….


Fear of losing, change of character. Although dreams whit strategy games traditionally presage joy and friendship, if we dream that we play chess that could mean that we are involved in a problem and we are afraid to take some resolution that we are repeatedly weighing….


To see your own nose in a dream resembles a conscious effort to undertake and reach any objective. The nose represents energy, intuition, and wisdom. On the other hand, the nose symbolizes curiosity to learn more about a current situation. To dream that your nose’s hair grows indicates some extraordinary facts that need to be carried through with a willingly and strong character. To dream that an insect is coming out of your nose indicates that you’re uninformed about your business and that you feel uncomfortable….


For a man, dreaming of one or more Amazons usually indicates that he will fall in love, if he is not already, of a woman who will enslave him for his weakness of character….


It has a sacred character. It is considered as a heavenly blessing. It is one of the best omens of luck and fertility….


Candles have symbolic meanings in dreams. Lit candle: life; Unlit candle: death. Dreaming of lit candles with a firm and bright flame signify emotional stability and strength of character and it’s also announcing success. Dreaming of candles with a smoky and movable flame symbolize an uncertain future and perhaps a disease that has already begun to manifest. Dreaming of lit candles whose wax trickles down, signifies closeness of hypocrites who intend to harm you. When the wick is falling to a side and the wax or paraffin is melting, then it announces the death of someone close. If a young person dreams of himself or herself lighting a candle, then it is a symbol of marriage, or at least of looking for someone to share his or her life with….


To see them augurs worries. To wear them indicates that you don’t have the strength of character you pretend to have….


If we reach the top, then it indicates that in real life we will achieve our goals. If we just arrived to the top and we fall off or we don´t reach it, then we will not get to achieve success because of weakness of character….


If we reach the summit, then that indicates that in real life we will achieve our goals. If we have barely arrived at the summit and we fall or we don’t get to reach it we will not get to achieve success because of weakness of character….


Most authors agree that dreaming with angels can be interpreted as the possibilities that lies ahead, whether referring to projects, businesses, etc., or our spiritual development. It is important to distinguish whether the celestial beings that appear in the dream are sad or happy because this nuance indicates the positive or negative character of initiated process….