Big emotional concerns; difficulties and issues….

Combat, Competition

If you win, you will have setbacks. If you lose, you will get a big win in real life….


Dreaming of a warship suggests that there will be difficulties in your life and in other people’s life as well, perhaps in an upcoming trip that is made either for pleasure or business. Dreaming of a warship in combat indicates that huge difficulties in the affairs you’re handling, that can lead to failure….


If you see it from a certain distance, is that you are dreaming to change your situation and organize it in a new way. If you see yourself participating in combat or preparing for it, it could mean that you are still receiving blows before maturity….


Dreaming of an admiral may be a warning of a possible trade-related scam. Seeing an admiral in the naval combat is a strong warning that there is a risk of going down….


When a woman dreams she’s dressed as a soldier or she’s among soldiers, it may mean that her desires are not healthy and, in consequence with her acts, she’ll be discredited in her social circle. When a man dreams he’s a soldier who just came out triumphant from a battle, it implies his dreams will soon come to fruition. Seeing a soldier in service, as a sentinel, implies that the dreamer must self-discipline himself in order to reach his goals. Dreaming of a soldier at ease implies that the dreamer suffers from illness and physical, or maybe mental, issues from an incorrect behavior. Seeing a soldier in the middle of combat implies that you’ll soon face battles of your own in order to defeat your illness. If you see yourself triumphant in battle, it may mean that the illness won’t stay for long. Dreaming of soldiers in a gala parade implies that the dreamer is being defeated by excesses and must overcome them to accomplish real success in his life and defeat the enemies that attack him. If they’re just walking and talking in group, it’s a sign of coming hardships due to fake friends that betray you. Dreaming of soldiers that walk in a parade or in small groups, but they’re wounded and they’re returning from a battle, implies that loved ones will suffer problems and losses, which means they need your understanding and help. Dreaming of one or more soldiers implies that there’ll be separations from your loved ones against your will. Soldiers, no matter their attitude when they appear in dreams, are always a symbol of death, destruction, disgrace and a loss of value, emotions and love….


Work promotion is coming, taking into account as combat goes….