Dreaming of finding a wallet hints upcoming moments of joy but that also require reservation. Dreaming of an old worn wallet suggests bad news concerning affairs or business that’s being handled by the dreamer. A young woman who dreams of being a victim of pickpocketing indicates that she is the victim of unjustified jealousy….


To dream that you carry a wallet means that someone will entrust you some secrets. To dream that you’ve lost your wallet denotes loss and sadness….


Dreaming of a wallet foretells economic problems….

Wallet, purse

Using it indicates that we are careful with our affairs. Losing it, financial problems….


Finding it or losing it means economic problems….


If it’s full it symbolizes that we have well-kept secrets. If it’s empty that indicates that the owner of the backpack is incapable of keeping secrets. To lose the backpack means someone knows our secrets. If we are robbed someone will find out what we don’t want them….


If the gypsies of our dreams are stealthy and menacingly, then that reveal our fear of being cheated or robbed. If it is a gypsy caravan it symbolizes a restless attitude and a desire to escape. If a gypsy tells our fortune that reveals that we are not satisfied with our current situation. To dream that a gypsy violinist plays melodies for us, it shows that we are too romantic and inclined to escape reality….


To dream about a clear water pond bodes well. To dream about a pond that its water is murky and still, it suggests that what you desire is hampered and will remain so for some time. To dream about a pond full of dirty water, and worse if it’s muddy, it suggests that your business will worsen, and that you have more enemies than friends. If the water escapes from the pond, you’ll notice that someone is abusing your trust. If you’re negotiating something at that time, then it may indicate that you are being robbed. To dream about an empty pond symbolizes failures or material and friend losses, which will produce you grief and anguish. To dream about a half-empty pond with a muddy bottom indicates that your affairs may be experiencing dirty and dangerous complications. To dream about dirty and muddy water is always a bad omen, and is a warning dream….


Gold symbolizes everything superior, light, knowledge, wealth, perfection and irradiation. Also, gold indicates the permanent and unchanging value of the goods and the supreme spiritual enlightenment. To dream we seek gold by digging in the ground tells us that our desires will not become reality. If we look for gold in the sands of a river it is that we are not sure of the goodness of our feelings. To dream that we manufacture gold indicates that in life we are wasting time in false utopias and ambitions instead of using it for useful things. Spend or lose gold announces that we will be cheated or robbed of our goods. The gold is a good omen if we find it, especially if it is in the form of a treasure….


Dreaming of being spied upon by assailants indicates a delirium of persecution because you might have many enemies who perhaps will hurt you if you don’t take precautions. Dreaming of being assaulted and robbed at your home or workplace, suggests that the incompetence or infidelity of someone is endangering the stability of your affairs. This type of dream also suggests that due being careless and doing mistakes, you can suffer a serious accident….