To take a walk in a dream indicates that you will alter the course of your life. It may also mean that you have taken a decision or a wrong choice. To dream that you can’t take a walk suggests that you can’t change what you did….


Dreaming that you’re walking indicates serenity and security. Dreaming that you’re walking with a person means you have a good relationship. Dreaming that you’re riding an animal or a vehicle for a walk symbolizes the path and direction of your life….


Dreaming that you walk taking firm steps indicates that you have been given instructions that will be helpful. Walking between stones is an indicative of pain and suffering. Dreaming that you go back on your steps usually predicts losses and troubles. Dreaming that you come and go without a specific destination, it means you will be the victim of a hoax. Walking on water is a sign of triumph and success. Walking during the night is a sign of annoyance and sadness….


If you walk fast, it means security and firmness in your ideals; walking slowly means shyness and fear….


Dreaming that you’re walking easily represents your behavior in life and progresses towards the goals. Dreaming that you’re walking with difficulty indicates doubts to come forward before a certain situation. It may also indicate a reflection of your current situation and the obstacles you overcome….

Jungle, Foliage

In this dream the dream itself is as important as the sensations felt in it. If we walk through places with foliage and feel safe that reflects that we own ourselves, we enjoy good judgment. If we get lost in the jungle and feel fear, if beasts roar or appear threatening, if silence is grim, then in all these cases it is that we still do not have control over ourselves. But if we see the sun shine, if light allows us to see where we walk that is a sign that we will end up understanding the cause of our inner fears and finally overcome them….


Dreaming of walking or trying to walk in a quagmire, mud or swamp, is a warning which tells you that you’ll suffer humiliations and insults. But if you walk on clean and clear dirt that is very wet, soft, and gummy, then it indicates that soon you will be free of the acknowledged attacks….


In this dream, the dream itself is very important as sensations are taken from it. If we walk through the forest and we feel safe, it shows that we own ourselves, we enjoy good judgment. If we get lost in the woods and feel fear, if there is a roar or threatening beasts appear and if silence is grim, then in all of these cases, it means we still do not own ourselves. But if we see the sun shine and if the light of the sun allows us to see where we walk, it is a sign for us that it is coming the end and understanding of our inner fears. We are ready to overcome them at the end….


If we walk on the sidewalk, we have achieved some security in life. If we walk through it, it shows we feel confident in our position. If we get down, it indicates that we can lose this situation that gives us security….


Suffer thirst and being unable to satisfy it: your financial resources are not sufficient to meet your needs. To reassure your thirst: triumphs and beautiful propositions….


Dreaming of acrobats in action suggests that the dreamer is exposed to misunderstandings and embarrassments because of unfounded fears of other, which is exercising negative influence on the dreamer. Dreaming that the acrobats fail at any of their acrobatics suggests that there will be losses in the businesses you are managing. Dreaming of yourself performing and failing implies that you feel limited or unable to do your things due to constant interference of hidden and hypocritical enemies. Doing a perfect performance suggests a high probability of success in all your affairs. Dreaming of women performing acrobatics suggests that the name of the dreamer will be discredited by rumors, which will disturb your working or romantic life. If a young woman dreams of performing acrobats, it indicates that she is being or will be courted by men that are not serious and not even of her liking. A young woman who dreams of having sex with an acrobat indicates that want to experience flings, perhaps as a result of past disappointments or for no apparent reason….


Dreaming of being accused of something implies that the jealousies and feuds around the dreamer are unable to make any real damage to the dreamer but should still be taken with precautions. Dreaming of being accused by a woman suggests that there will be bad news. Dreaming of denouncing or accusing someone before the authorities suggests that due to the dreamer’s indiscretion, he or she will have to face problems soon that will end up discrediting the dreamer. Dreaming about someone making a complaint or accusation, although not related to the dreamer, announces that the dreamer is about to suffer serious prejudice that may be due to illness, theft or any other reason, even by accident….


Dreaming that you’re in panic indicates the lack of control and energy in your life. You may feel helpless in a certain situation or being unable to make a clear decision….

Water well

When the water well is well constructed, uncovered and full of water, then it becomes a symbol of sincerity, honesty and happiness. If the well is poorly constructed, sealed or the water dries up, or the rope breaks, or the bucket is holed and the water cannot be retained the meaning is totally contrary. If in our dream we fall out the well it is one of the worst omens, unless someone get us out of the well. It symbolizes that we are immerse in the depths of the unconscious, unable to return to the conscious, which is equivalent to desperation, neurosis and madness….


To dream that a boss or foreman gives you orders symbolizes that you recognize your incompetence to solve any problem on your own, which means that you’re unable to make decisions. To dream that you’re the boss or foreman of a group of people suggests that you lack of leadership qualities and that is an obstacle for you to improve your performance….


Dreaming that you’re paralyzed can mean that you feel helpless or you’re trapped under some circumstances. On the other hand, it indicates that you feel emotionally paralyzed or that you’re unable to deal with a situation….

Invalid, Disabled, Paralysis, Crippled

Seeing ourselves unable to make the slightest movement in dreams is something that is distressing and frightening. This dream reveals that we are stuck in a serious state of indecision. It can also mean a defeat from which we believed we would recover but we have not. In any case it advises us to resign ourselves or the dream will continue to occur….


Dreaming of white goats suggests that you’ll soon achieve your goals and you will receive good news. Dreaming of being attacked by an angry goat suggests that there are nearby enemies who seek to hurt you in some way, like stealing from you, spreading rumors, conducting espionage, altering documents, etc. Dreaming of controlling a goat by grabbing it by the horns means that having success in your business is really close, and the enemies or competitors will be defeated; but if in your dream the goat beats and defeats you, it indicates that you should take maximum precautions regarding your enemies, whether you know them or not. Dreaming of a herd of goats grazing quietly, insinuates that you’ll achieve economic and health benefits. When the field is dry or the grass is very scarce and animals in the herd are skinny, suggests that poverty is really close to the dreamer. Dreaming of black goats indicates that you will soon be suffering because of sorrows, misfortunes, losses, etc.; this dream is a bad omen. Dreaming of a dead goat, the darker the worse, suggests that the dreamer feels unable to perform many activities and that might show some issues with sexual strength; this current outlook will naturally lead everything he works on to failure, if immediate changes on the mind are not performed. This phenomenon is usually hidden of the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware but which influences one’s actions and feelings, that’s why it appears in dreams. If a woman dreams drinking goat milk, it means that she probably wants to marry a wealthy man, not caring either for her love or her future. If a woman, especially if she’s young, dreams of riding a goat, it suggests unfulfilled sexual desires. This dream is a warning that, if you don’t repress yourself, you’ll be publicly discredited….


The dangerous acts you are taking will lead you to some disastrous situation which you will be unable to avoid….


Dreaming of a battle always indicates difficulties, serious problems, fights, etc. Therefore dreaming that you’re in a battle implies that all plans and desires that you have will face many setbacks, which means you will be unable to have a chance to success. When in the dream, the side which wins the battle is the dreamer’s side, means an announcement of more or less close successes. Dreaming of women in battle indicates abundance of gossip, rumors, defamation, etc….


Dreaming of an eagle represents domain and triumph when we identify with it, and fear if it instills anxiety or pain. If we see it flying quietly, we are ready to sacrifice everything for an ideal in real life. If it attacks you, it indicates that you are unable to take responsibility for true love. Seeing it fly, ascending to heaven indicates that we will see our goals achieved. If it flies slowly or uninterruptedly indicates delays. If it is still, we will not achieve an intended purpose. If it falls, the same will happen to our projects. If we see it flying with its prey, we must be careful with our enemies. If it pounces on us or hurts us we are in danger. Seeing it caged augurs humiliation….

Hurricane, Typhoon

Hurricane or typhoon symbolizes that a great test is to be faced and the outcome of which will strengthen or break us. If the dream is accompanied by positive emotions or ends well it will be a test that we will overcome and we will emerge stronger mentally. If the emotions are negative or the dream ends badly that reflects the fear of events that we are unable to overcome and can bring us loss of property, friendships and even an accident….


This dream may be a warning of depression that you might be bottling up inside and that you should take care of before it paralyzes you. Other authors consider that this dream should be interpreted as a feeling of being unable to respond to certain problems that are bigger than you. You should pay close attention to people who may be helping out in the dream because they represent the support that you have, which is either referring to actual people or personal qualities that you possess and which you should strengthen….


If this dream is accompanied by tranquility and confidence then it indicates that the dreamer is prepared for possible trials that await him or her, but if the dream is full of negative emotions then it reflects that the dreamer is already sensing fear of being unable to cope with certain events….


The tornado symbolizes some kind of destruction in our waking life, therefore we feel a lot of panic and confusion. The dream could be hiding some very important and special message. If emotions are negative or the dream ends badly, then such dream reflects the fear of events in our waking life that we are unable to overcome and can bring us loss of property, friendships and even an accident….

Ice cream

Dreaming of eating ice cream represents pleasure and satisfaction in your life. Eating ice cream may also symbolize good luck and success in love. If the ice cream in your sleep has no taste, it means disappointment and sadness. If the ice cream is melting, it means you’re unable to fulfill your desires and hopes….

People, Crowd

If we are unable to move in a crowd among people, then that reveals our inability to dominate in some events. It also shows weakness of character, great timidity. If it’s someone else who is in this situation and we cannot approach that person, the dream indicates our desire to win their affection and friendship and the fear of not achieving it. Seeing a crowd without mixing with it announces some misfortune or bad news, especially if they wear black. Sometimes it is a social, political or economic change in general….


If the bag is full, then it symbolizes that we keep secrets. If empty, indicates that the owner is unable to keep a secret. Losing a bag means someone knows our secrets. If it is stolen from us, someone will find out something using the force, while we don’t want them to know these facts….


When you are dreaming about a tower, then it signifies that you aspire to rise above the environment in which you live. If in the dream you climb up to reach the maximum height, then it is a symbol of success which close. Generally speaking, the dream about tower suggests that we are entrenched inside ourselves and we’re unable to show the weakness of our character to people we know, and that way we are in avoid of being taken in advantage to their own benefit….


It symbolizes being unable to speak unless it’s repeating what other people say. Echo dream foretells lies and indiscretion, if the voice of others is repeated. If the voice repeated is ours that indicates passivity and lack of initiative….