Dreaming that a police gets near in a threatening manner, while the dreamer knows he or she is innocent of any guilt, signifies that someone is betraying the dreamer, and putting his honor and property at risk. In case that the dreamer actually feels guilty of wrongdoing, then the dream is a warning or self-criticism due to the behavior that the dreamer has in daily life, which must be corrected. Dreaming of a policeman threatening to arrest you or that he hypocritically approaches you could mean that fake friends are trying to defraud the dreamer. It also indicates that the dreamer desires to improve, but hasn’t achieved it due to lack of preparation or necessary ability. Dreaming of calling a policeman insinuates insecurity in one-self. Dreaming of being watched by a policeman insinuates that there are mistakes being made that could become serious and dangerous. Dreaming of an energetic and strong policeman suggests that there will be attacks from enemies or moments of bad luck as well as changes in life. Dreaming of being a cop suggests the probability of being involved in a delicate matter that will question the dreamer’s honor and prestige. Dreaming of being followed by a policeman could mean that the dreamer is participating in illegal and dangerous affairs and businesses. Dreaming of cops is always a bad dream, because it suggests that soon there will be diverse problems, even though they may not be caused by the dreamer. Dreaming of being arrested by a policeman, accused of a crime in which the dreamer is innocent, is an announcement that soon the dreamer will experience setbacks but in the end he or she will triumph. Dreaming of a parade of policemen indicates serious changes in life, if the dreamer is not a cop. Dreaming of being arrested by a cop for doing something bad is a self-accusation due to acting dishonestly towards others….

Guard, Police, Vigilante

If we have this dream in our youth it reveals the desire for someone to help us navigate our lives. If occurs at a mature age it’s a warning that we should be more cautious in selecting our friends. If they arrest us in the dream it indicates guilt….


Dreaming that you are arrested by the authorities is a sign that you feel repressed, and that on several occasions you have had to deprive yourself from things you really wanted. If you dream you arrest someone is a sign for divorce or breakups….


If we are arrested, that indicates jealousy and misunderstanding. If another person is arrested, that indicates we feel guilty….


Dreaming that authorities have arrested you means you’re feeling repressed and that in several times you had been forced to forgo things you craved and needed. If you dream someone else is arrested is a sign of divorce and breakup….


If you dream of arresting someone, it’s a sign of a robbery. On the other hand, if it’s the dreamer who is arrested, it indicates he doesn’t have interest in his job….

Officer, Soldier



Dreaming of being involved in a scheme indicates that the dreamer is at risk of being in trouble with the police. Dreaming about schemes of any type or magnitude reveals that there is uneasiness mentally and psychologically, or that there are nervous disorders that require medical attention. Dreaming of being in a conspiracy indicates that in everyday life errors and bad actions are being made and that they’ll finally have consequences. This dream is a warning of what not to do….