Insects, Earwig, Louse

This dream reveals that in real life we are accumulating resentment, fear and contempt for others. When we see our home invaded by insects, earwigs or louses that reveals our fear of judgments and gossip from others. If the insects attack us it shows that there are people we cannot control despite how we consider them inferior to us. If the insects become gigantic and they corner us they represent bosses who are feared and despised at once. If we perceive the inconvenience of insects but without feelings of rejection, fear or repulsion they reflect minor discomfort, loss or concerns that accompany a task that has become tedious for us….


Dream of insects represents small obstacles that you must overcome. Moreover, insects in a dream may symbolize a promise of financial gain or solving a mystery….


Dreaming of any kind of insects indicates that there are repressed instincts that are either directed towards yourself or to others. Perhaps you are afraid the judgment of others, or maybe there’s fear of unleashing impulses that are in disagreement with your moral judgment….


Some authors point out that what we caught in our dream is what has our mind in captivity. So if you catch an enemy, it means that deep down you feel overpowered by it and if you catch insects, symbolizes that some matter or the control of some problems are getting out of your hand….


If we are being attacked by insects it reflects that there are people that we cannot control despite considering them inferior to us….

Flies and mosquitoes

Flies and mosquitoes, these insects symbolize annoying people or equally annoying external impulses. Killing of a fly in dreams expresses a desire to move away from conceited people, to make them disappear from our lives and thus avoid discomfort and problems. The mosquitoes warn us to protect ourselves from strangers who want to meddle in our lives, as well as the aggressive impulses that awaken in us….


Dreaming about being celibate suggests that the dreamer is not only shy with women, but also in many other ways, such as fear of the unknown, insects, loneliness, darkness, and traveling without company. In some cases, it symbolizes religious vocation. It might also be the mental and psychological result of sexual impotence….


The dream of ladybugs insects announces good news and future happiness….