Giving them or receive them in dreams or discussions announces break with friends. If they ask us advice, it denotes to success in what we are doing….


Carpenter profession symbolizes practical and daily life, and the need to pay attention and commitment to all those kinds of tasks. If the carpenter is someone else, it can be interpreted as the need for advice on how to manage our affairs and the arrival of useful tips of our environment….


If we see a carpenter working, it means that we will receive useful and helpful tips. If we are carpenters, it warns us to dedicate ourselves to our work harder. If we dream that the carpenter gives us something of what he does or buy it, it portends reorganization of our intimate life….


Meeting one indicates a desire to change the appreciation of others towards you. To exercise the profession states that you will use your own tips to improve your position….


This profession means the arrival of protection in terms of useful tips, also the presence of affection in the form of care. We will have to analyze whether in our daily lives some areas, for example the sentimental field, need some attention….