Seeing the president in your dream symbolizes authority, power, energy, and control. It can also represent your own political opinions….


To dream that you are in a meeting suggests that you should mediate your ways to take a new decision and make more effort….

Director, Patron, President

To find it foretells that new relationships are not as beneficial as expected. To be one of them in dreams is a sign of hope of success soon….


Presages unforeseen difficulties which will show that your projects will not come true….


If in the dream the one who abdicates is a king or a president, then it is a sign and a warning that bad business will come on his way. If it is the same dreamer who abdicates, it usually means hopes of winning money or the arrival of a nearby joy….


Having indigestion means possible disease caused by excess. Meeting with unpleasant(s) person(s)….


Cider, wine, and most alcoholic beverages tend to have common meanings in dreams. Dreaming of cider, wine or other alcoholic beverage suggest that you are planning a party or meeting with friends, which will bring you benefits. Dreaming that you get drunk because of cider is usually a sign that presages upcoming disputes, altercations in family because of business. It can also mean reproaches, disagreements, and a possible disease….


Of a baby means new happenings which will fill you with joy. Good news. You will have a meeting with a pleasant person….


Dream of committing an injustice or that someone else commits it means not everything will turn out as planned. Meeting with baffling people. Animadversion….


Buying with money in a dream means risk of being suborned. Finding it means that you will have an unexpected meeting with certain person. Selling it is a signal of a discovered secret….

Talking nonsense

If we find ourselves in some sort of meeting within dreams, where a person is speaking nonsense, then it usually means that there are one or more people trying to make a profit at our expense and we should be aware so we take all possible measures to prevent issues of our businesses being affected….


New romances. Meeting with a very nice person. Surprises and harmony….


Pregnancy in a dream means joy and happy prospects for the next meeting. If you see an ugly woman who is pregnant, it is bad news and disease….


Godmother in a dream means meeting with friends or close relatives. Favours received….


If we are studying math in a dream that announces future meeting with someone of great knowledge….


If a sick person dreams of galloping on a horse through forests, their condition may get worse. If the patient gallops through a city, they will heal soon. Mounting a steed indicates success and prosperity. Falling down of a steed means losses. If the horse is saddled but nobody rides it, then it signifies the meeting with a women. Selling the steed means property loss. To punish a steed symbolizes false accusations. Seeing a steed shoeing means that we must prepare for a trip. Feeding it will bring wealth. If the steed has a very long tail, we can count on our friends. If the horse is white, then we will receive good news. Black steed is known as the symbol of problems. Bay steed is known as the symbol of dignities. Sorrel steed shows difficulties. Gray, obstacles….


To dream that you’re being invited to a meeting or to simply visit someone suggests that soon you’ll receive unpleasant news about something that you’ve been waiting for. When a young woman dreams that she’s been invited to a party or a simple gathering of friends, it suggests temporary enthusiasm and joy that will end up badly….

Horse, Riding

If a sick person dreams of galloping on a horse through forests, their condition may get worse. If the patient gallops through a city, she/he will heal son. Horseback riding indicates success and prosperity. Falling from a horse points out about losses. If the horse is saddled but nobody rides it, it signifies a women’s meeting. Selling a horse warns about property loss. Punishing a horse, false accusations. Seeing it shoeing, we must prepare for a trip. Giving them their proper food, wealth. If the horse has a very long tail, we can count on our friends. If the horse is white portends good news. Black horse symbolizes problems. Bay horse indicates dignities. Sorrel horse foretells about difficulties. Gray horse indicates about the obstacles….


Meeting one indicates a desire to change the appreciation of others towards you. To exercise the profession states that you will use your own tips to improve your position….


Presupposes an upcoming meeting with the person we greet….


You will receive pleasant news, unexpected meeting. See a stutterer: presages the return of a person that has been absent or away….

Nephews, Nieces

Small and unexpected surprises. Joy at home. Happy meeting….


Dreaming that you arrive late for an important event, appointment or place, for example, the airport or train station, or to a meeting with others to discuss business, may mean that you are aware of not properly addressing your issues, which will create problems….