Lawyer, Litigation, Notary

If you are the lawyer, you will be responsible for difficulties of another person. If we see a lawyer, we will have difficulties….


Seeing or dreaming that you are a lawyer, represents the fact that you will get help if you ask for it. You need to put your pride aside and ask for a help if you need it….


Dreaming that you need a lawyer means that someone will help you to solve your problems. Dreaming that you’re talking to one means that you will receive bad news, you will have bad luck and it’s generally a bad sign….


A friend needs our help and protection….


Dreaming of finding a lawyer suggests that the environment in which you live is intriguing and you should be aware of those who are trying to make a harm to you. Dreaming of a lawyer who is inside a tavern, suggests that the enemies of the dreamer will rely on dirty tricks to complicate your affairs. When you dream that you are defended by a lawyer, implies that the dreamer receive sincere help. Perhaps the dream shows that the help you receive is not from your family or friends, therefore the other person defends you and you feel some kind of fear about it. When you dreamed about any way related to lawyers, then it suggests that you are at risk of facing serious problems, but not necessarily legal. When a woman dreams of talking with lawyers, then it shows the risk she is taking while being in contact with other people. Otherwise, the dream may suggest about huge changes in her waking life such as divorce or marriage….


Dream of being a lawyer indicates that you’re responsible for solving some dispute between others. If you’re in litigation process and you see a lawyer, it indicates that you will have problems and difficulties….


Despite who we are in the dream (lawyer, fiscal, defendant or judge) in reality what we do is to defend, accuse or judge ourselves….