Dreaming about playing indicates agility and energy….


Dreaming that you’re in front of a theater and you’re trying to get in, but there are too many obstacles or it’s dark, insinuates that those same obstacles will present themselves in the matters you’re handling in life. On the other hand, if it’s well-lit and the doors are open, the meaning is the opposite, that represents future success and joy. Dreaming of yourself exiting a theater insinuates that you’ll soon suffer disappointments and sorrows. Dreaming that you’re inside a theater witnessing a performance insinuates that you’ll soon receive good news in company of family and friends. Dreaming of yourself backstage may mean that you’ll receive certain confidences, perhaps unpleasant ones. Dreaming of yourself inside a theater, being excited because of the play you’re watching, insinuates that you’re wasting energies in inconsequential pleasures. Dreaming of yourself inside a theater that catches on fire, or in which some kind of disaster happens, such as a collapse from which you’re trying to escape, suggests that you’re engaging in risky businesses that’ll likely cause failures and losses. Dreaming of yourself as an actor in a play may mean that you’ll soon receive satisfactions and joys, even though they’ll be temporary and inconsequential. It also insinuates that you want to be the center of attention, but you must make sure that you don’t exaggerate it, so you don’t leave a bad impression on others. Dreaming of yourself as an owner or manager of a low-profile theater insinuates that you’re in risk of suffering important losses because of your own squandering, which could simply mean you’re wasting energy, or that the plans or ideas referring to the matters you’re handling in life are not clear enough. Dreaming of yourself as a manager or director of a big theater, in which serious plays are presented, may mean that your desires will come true….


If you play with them, it means misused or wasted money. For now it is not convenient to play the lottery….


When trapped in one it means confusion, incompetence, restlessness and anxiety. When fishing with a net, it means that forgiveness and forgetting is better than rancor….


A flame symbolizes the intellect. Dream of a flame means passion or frustrated love, also indicates a platonic love. The flame without smoke rising straight into the sky symbolizes the intellect and great intelligence. The flickering flame symbolizes the intellect, forgetting the spirit. Dream of feeling threatened by the flames denotes fear to face an activity or situation. Dream of advancing without impunity in the flames reflect a firm decision to overcome all obstacles….

Knight helmet

The character that appears with the helmet tries to hide your intentions or personality to others or yourselves. If the helmet is of anatomical lines and undecorated, then it reveals that practical thoughts are hidden and related with direct action. A beautifully decorated knight helmet can be interpreted that you hidden thoughts and desires are out of reality. You need to be more to the ground….

Diving suit (mask)

The character that appears with the diving suit tries to hide his intentions or personality to others or to himself. If diving suit with anatomical lines and undecorated, then the dream reveals that practical thoughts linked to direct action are hidden. A beautifully decorated diving suit can be a sign that what is hidden are thoughts of grandeur and adventure outside of reality….


The character that appears with a helmet tries to hide intentions or personality to others or ourselves. If the helmet has anatomical lines and is undecorated, then it reveals that practical thoughts are hidden. A beautifully decorated helmet interprets what kind of thoughts are hidden such as greatness and adventurous….


To see a typewriter in your dream suggests that you have to open new lines of communication with someone….


Dreaming of betting, wagering, gambling money is a warning which means that you must be cautious when you make deals or business with strangers. It also announces that your opponents seek for an opportunity to harm you. It’s the same if you dream of playing with money in casinos or any board game or table game; it means that you must be careful of not wasting money. Dreaming of betting money in any way, suggests that you proceed without reasoning in your everyday life, which will make you to have problems. Dreaming of losing bets announces that you’ll experience setbacks in the affairs you’re handling, but if your play with money gives you profits, if it looks like you are winning, then this dream indicates that you’ll triumph….


Dreaming that you play chess or checkers with a colleague indicates an upcoming quarrel with this person, and the result will be the same as the game you dream to be playing….


Fear of losing, change of character. Although dreams whit strategy games traditionally presage joy and friendship, if we dream that we play chess that could mean that we are involved in a problem and we are afraid to take some resolution that we are repeatedly weighing….


If a woman dreams that she hears the sweet music played by a guitar, but she doesn’t see the musical instrument, it suggests that if she doesn’t stand firm and strong, she can then get caught in the middle of an illicit relationship or at least she could be deceived by false lovers. This is what is known as a siren call. If you see a guitar with broken strings, it suggests that all the harmony that surrounds you will soon disappear, and it can even suggest sentimental breakups. If a man dreams with music played by a guitar, it suggests that he is likely to be driven by difficult love relationships that can ultimately cause him problems. If you dream that you’re singing and playing a guitar or other stringed instrument in front of a woman, it indicates that your love intentions could be reciprocal. If in that dream you’re also accompanied by friends who are also singing and playing any instrument, it suggests that sooner or later some people will return and stand by your side. Any person, who dreams that he/she is playing a guitar although he/she doesn’t know how to play it; it suggests that they yearn to feel harmony and love around them….


Play with one, favorable reception, hospitability, peace at home, tranquility in the way of being….

Tires, Wheel

Tires or wheels because of its circular shape symbolizes what is perfect and gives us security and protection. For its movement it is the symbol of everything that revolves around a center. The radius of tires or wheels symbolizes our dependence on a motionless mystical center. The radius are the way that leads us to Him and He to us. To dream that we are in a vehicle and the wheel falls or breaks that makes us fear for a myriad of ills. Fate will play a bad move on us. If we fall under the wheels of a vehicle it represents the inevitability of fate. If the wheel turns smoothly and quietly it’s an omen of success and the good development of things. If the wheel squeaks that foretells obstacles and impediments but they will fail to stop us from achieving our goals….


Playing with dice is a waste of money or misuse. It is not advisable to play with your money….


If you play and win, it means you will have concerns….


Dreaming of being in a pool room, either playing or just watching how others play billiards, means that you’ll face failures, if you get into or businesses that are unknown for you. It also hints that you may be affected by rumors or being blackmailed….


All bill dreams have a similar meaning. In this life, one thing is the capabilities and qualities we possess, and quite another is the role we play. Many times we are forced to live far below or far above our true capabilities….


If you play is a sign that will have to go through a bitter struggle to get what you crave. If all the pines fall, it means sorrows and misfortunes….


To play, danger of yielding to a violent temptation. Use your reason….


Dreaming of being broke (bankrupt), means that the dreamer will notice an improvement in his or her living conditions, professionally the dreamer will be very productive, as well as in earning money, etc. If the dreamer decides to play he or she will be lucky….


Playing or listening to piano indicates a huge, corresponded and sweet love. Learning to play piano means satisfied wishes and pleasures….


There are two roles that coats play in our society: protective and to hide what’s under. Also in dreams the coat performs these two functions, but in reality one is non-prejudice to the other, in dreams they are intimately linked, so dreaming of wearing a coat means that we are hiding our true personality under the protective layer of fake appearances. If another person wears the coat, it means that there is someone around us who hides selfish intentions under pleasant appearances….


It usually symbolizes a conflicting experience and the setting of it has a lot to do with it. It’s important to be aware of the role that we have in the dream, since this will reflect the position that we have taken against the problem. Pay attention if we are spectators, actors, directors of the show or observers from backstage. The plot of the play and the aspect of the theater will also give us clues about the problem that is consciously or unconsciously making us worry and that the dream wants to reveal to us….


Hearing a melody is interpreted as a desire to improve your reality and to play it as the realization of that desire….


Strawberry dream reveals that women will play a role in our fate. We will get love, friendship and benefits thanks to a woman….


Dreaming we play bowling portends joy, pleasure and friendship….

Actor, Actress

If we are actors in a dream, it indicates that we will handle actively to succeed in an ongoing business, whether working or loving. However, if the dream is repeated in more than one night in a short period of time, it means that we cannot solve some of the problems that overwhelm us. When, on the contrary, we see the work of actors and actresses, it presages a simple game of pleasure, frivolous distractions with friends who are not as safe nor as reliable as we would like, and even perhaps, that take advantage of us under the disguise of friendship. We must not forget that real life is like a play, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes is tragic, and that basically this dream tells us that sometimes we pretend to get what we want, and that sometimes pretenders are others….