When you are dreaming about turtles, then it signifies that our affairs are moving very slowly, but something unexpected will speed them up and will be producing benefits. When you are dreaming of eating a turtle stew, then it represents the fact that you will engage in intrigues between competitors. However, you will not suffer any of the damage. Although in the East dream interpretation the turtle is given a cosmological symbolism of extraordinary wealth and is elevated to sacred animal. Among Western people the turtles symbolize longevity and protection for their long life and their ability to fall back within itself, hiding from all the dangers….


Dreaming of anything related with the Bible, even if you are an atheist, indicates upcoming joys, even if they are only temporary, if the dreamer appears rejecting the Bible, it indicates that he has dishonest intention, and he doesn’t care if he harms others….

Turtle, turtles

Unfruitful businesses, long and cumbersome procedures, laziness and stubbornness….

Bible, gospel

Reading or possessing it, indicates need for solitude and reflection. Losing it, family difficulties….


Dream of apple is a symbol of fertility, growth and prosperity. If you eat an apple in a dream it means you’re enjoying life and you will have success in love or at work. On the other hand, according to the Bible means forbidden love, suppressed desires and sweet temptations….