To dream that you’re Insulting or outraging someone suggests that your affairs or businesses are going from bad to worse. To dream that you’re being insulted or outraged announces that soon you’ll experience bad times and some unpleasant surprises. When a woman dreams that she’s being insulted or outraged, it suggests that someone who does not sympathize with her will cause her a shameful situation….


If a young woman dreams that she is leaving her home or her family, or her job or business, then it symbolizes that she is in uncomfortable environment in which she lives, and wishes for a change. it also suggests to pay attention to various problems, including love life. to dream yourselves being abandoned indicates that there will be difficulties in planning a successful future, due to certain mistrust of others. When others dreamed of being abandoned, then it means that they are facing difficult conditions and limitations that needs an overcome. When you dreamed that you are leaving home, then it indicates that family or money problems will come on your way. You will suffer losses and disappointments due to involvement of bad people. When you dreamed of leaving your girlfriend, boyfriend or lover, then it indicates that you will face losses such as your friendships, relationships or business matters. When you dreamed of leaving your spouse, then such dream shows that you will be surprised by some message you might receive. it is not necessarily the personal issue, it could be something from your professional life. If what is left is the religion that professes himself, then it indicates disloyalty for which there will be suffering and remorse for having insulted the faith of others who may be in a position to exert revenge. When you dreamed of leaving children, then it indicates that there will be setbacks and losses due to lack of tranquility. Perhaps the dream shows that you tend to make rash decisions instead of thinking about them calmly. When you dreamed of abandoning your businesses, then such dream shows some important issues that will need to be dealt, otherwise you will face problems with important institutions. When you are dreaming that a family member or friend was abandoned on some ship or boat, then it indicates that complications in business or social relations will approach. in the event that the person on the boat escapes in some way and finally reaches the mainland, indicates that despite the problems that will arise this person will go free, and If there are going to be any losses, they will not be significant. When you dreamed that you were abandoned somewhere or in unknown location, then it indicates that moral punishment for ingratitude will be presented….


To dream about curses, blasphemies and bad words, either if you say or hear them, suggests that you know or believe that alleged hypocrite friends are trying to harm you. To dream that you’re cursing yourself suggests that in the immediate future you’ll be adverted in many ways, probably because of your own fault. To dream that you’re being insulted or cursed by someone indicates that you’re surrounded by jealousies due to your success. Obviously, this kind of dream is very annoying and it is the consequence of something in your subconscious. To dream that you’re judging someone negatively insinuates that you usually prejudge people, and that’s the reason why you often have problems….


To be outraged or insulted in your dreams, means that you will receive a nice surprise. In case you’re the one insulting someone else, is a sign that projects and wishful thinking are going to fail….


To dream that one or more foreigners live in your home suggests that your family and fraternal relations are doing well. To dream that you’re the foreign person suggests that you’re searching for new friends that can help you achieve any personal purpose that will produce profits for you. To dream that you’re being kindly served by a nice and friendly foreign suggests that you enjoy good health, and will also have a successful future. To dream that you’re attacked and insulted by one or more foreigners suggests that you’ll experience an unpleasant situation….


Insulting or be insulted means possibility of assault, robbery and aggressions….